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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 31, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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. >> this is kpix 5 news. . >> everyone's worst nightmare, 16 tornadoes touching down and we're just getting a sense of the damage from the latest twister tonight. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. a cell phone camera captured video of a tornado that sliced across the tulsa suburb of broken arrow tonight. one of five that touched down in oklahoma alone. violent weather has been raging across the u.s. for days now. >> another clash of the cold canadian air coming down and the warm gulf air coming up.
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where they meet you get severe weather. 15 different tornadoes today. but nobody lost their life from any of these storms. nobody was hurt tonight in tulsa. that's good news. the storms ripped off roofs and here's a peak at the damage. as for the calm before the storm. take a listen. when you hear that siren in oklahoma it means get to shelter, basement, bathroom, tub. the warning sirens went off. a guy shot this video as the twister passed over his house. his family got into the bathtub. i counted up the tornadoes. there have been 360. that's about 40 percent below average for a year through the month of may. >> all right thank you paul. breaking news out of southern california. a wildfire devastated a
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thousand acres and forced a thousand people out of their homes tonight. normally we'd show you live pictures. news helicopters can't fly because it's too smoky this evening. it's north of los angeles near santa clarita. people in the community of green valley were ordered to evacuate. one structure has all ready burned. these flames were unbelievable. walls of billowing smoke overhead. >> reporter: tonight our cameras captured a fire that burned in the forest south of green valley. no containment. a thousand acres scorched for green valley residents the mandatory order to evacuate was nerve racking. >> i've been playing that no fire comes to green valley. this is close. >> 74-year-old packed her most treasured belongings but other residents aren't ready to leave. keeping guard of their
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property. more than 500 firefighters battle this raging inferno. >> we feel safe at the moment. but it's smoky. it's scary. it's getting close. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a close call for some homeowners in the bay area tonight. the wind quickly pushed a grass fire up a hill toward a bunch of homes in vallejo. the fire broke out at about 8:00 in the glen cove area. it's out now. drivers could see it. but crews kept it contained to five acres. a badly needed youth center may leave at risk teens where they shouldn't be. five years and almost $8 million in the west oakland youth center is nearly finished but now the city can't afford to open it. what's behind the bad budgeting. christin ayers follows the money. >> reporter: from the outside the west oakland youth center looks freshly painted and ready to open.
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but inside plywood and paint buckets litter the floor. the 7.6 million youth center built almost entirely with public funds is supposed to open in the fall but oakland can't come up with the $190,000 needed to run this place. tore $150,000 needed to staff another team center the digital arts and culinary academy in east oakland. spear we're talking about $340,000 for both programs combined out of a billion dollar budget. you can't tell me that we can't find 340,000 for our kids. >> the city doesn't believe it can absorb these costs. it sacrifices costs for the youth programs in favor of putting more cops on the street. gibson says the centers should be part of oakland's public safety plan. >> we're going to spend money on these kids. we will either spend it in a proactive way through youth
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centers and positive programming or we'll spend money on arresting them, incarcerating them, putting them in juvenile hall or treat them in emergency rooms because they've fallen victims to violence. >> if the city doesn't step up, millions in public money could go to waste. >> what would it mean to not have that money? >> don't make me cry. >> it's supposed to be a fantastic facility. and it would be shameful to allow it to sit for a number of years because we didn't have funding. . >> all right. christin ayers seems to have lost her audio there. but clearly a big problem for oakland. also in the news tonight a hook upturns into a heist. now one bay area guy is out of money and his job. a 22-year-old san jose man was robbed on a blind date. it started when he met a woman online.
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police tell the mountain view voice she said it was her fantasy to have sex on top of money that was spread out on a bed. well, he showed up at this apartment complex in mountain view with an envelope full of cash. and guess what? two guys showed up. robbed him at knife point. police say it was all a set up. as if that isn't bad enough, a guy borrowed the money from his boss. so now he's also out of a job. >> it's after 11:00. do you know where your kids are? something that started about seven minutes ago. the officers in east palo alto are hunting for under age kids in the streets potentially causing trouble later on tonight. there were ten officers on the street that double the number they have on any particular night and they'll scoop up all these kids and bring them here
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to curfew central. >> usually parking lots like this tend to attract them. that's where we had the stop the other night. >> dave carson took us to the hot spots they'll hit tonight. they've been getting calls of teens hanging out in open areas like this. nothing good happens after 11:00 p.m. >> who knows if they're involved in gang activity. if they are, that could lead to real bad things. >> tonight's curfew sweep is in response to deadly shootings. tonight they're testing a pilot program. after rounding up the kids they'll get swift justice and see a judge, counselor, or face youth court right on the spot. >> the only message we want to send is intervention and prevention. that's what we want to do. we want to intervene. we don't want these children out here and we want to prevent them from being victims of crimes. >> parents love the idea and
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hope the city can keep up the effort. >> it's a good thing for testing to see if there's any change. but you wouldn't notice much. always something is better than nothing. >> maurice smith is skeptical saying the teens can out wit the officers. >> do you think they're scared? >> no. >> you think they're smarter than the cops. >> yep. >> the curfew started at 11:00 p.m. and ends at 6:00 in the morning. it affects everybody under 18 years old. once the kids get here they have to call their parents and mom and dad will have to come and get them and bring them home. as you can imagine a lot of upset parents tonight. >> definiteliment all right kit. thank you. new surveillance video maybe a mormon mother of seven's last hope to get out of
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a mexican prison. she was traveling home from a funeral when she was arrested for smuggling 12-pounds of pot allegedly found under her bus seat. her husband says that's impossible. look at the security footage. >> it showed right on the film, clear as day that there was no way that you can carry 12- pounds of 5.7-kilos with one arm. >> she has been locked up for more than a week now. a judge could decide whether to release her tomorrow. >> coming up, a horrifying case of mistaken identity why the chp killed a family's two huskies. a hick up for apple why this fountain ,,,,
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identity. . a dog owner is calling out a chp officer in a case of mistaken identity. he says his two huskies were shot and killed because the officer thought they looked like wolves. the pups had escaped from his apartment in carmichael saturday after he says someone broke into his place.
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he posted signs and searched everywhere. friends later told him a chp officer had shot the animals. >> our dogs are friendly. you know. they don't bite anybody. they're not vicious. you could walk up to the dog and pet them. they know the commands. >> the officer admitted to shooting the animals and even running one of them over accidentally because he got a call about aggressive wolves attacking a deer. the dog's owner says the officer acted unfairly and needs to be held accountable. they seem to have it all together, apple would move into its new digs in a prime location in union square but there's a hick up. this fountain. what's the big deal? we sent joe to find out. >> reporter: this is no ordinary fountain. the sculptor ruth asala a well known artist. well regarded in her time. an artist of japanese american heritage, known as the fountain
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lady. she's the one who made that beautiful dolphin fountain at giradeli square. hundreds of san franciscans donated. now the future of the fountain is in flux. >> don't remove it. let it stay. >> why? >> because it's absolutely breathtaking. >> reporter: at union square, levies will give way to this. a new larger apple store. but look at the artist's rendering the fountain is gone. it's a popular piece of folk art which includes many historical references to the city. >> how could they possibly even think about getting rid of it? >> apple released a vague statement this evening that
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seemed to suggest the fountain will be moved. but that's not entirely clear. quote, the ruth fountain is a beloved monument. app and will the hyatt have intended to find the best location so it can live on in the community. >> so they're going to have it in a secret place in the center of the apple store. >> they haven't said where they will put it. >> there's some people that are wondering what's the big attachment? it's only a fountain. >> what's life? what's history? what's not to love. it's been here for 40 years. it's part of san francisco. it's what san francisco's all about. >> reporter: if you look closely here you can see this fountain was custom made for the staircase. so that will be a consideration. also, a consideration, the mayor ed lee wholeheartedly endorsed the move by apple but now, today, he hold reporters,
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you know what he wants to come back down here and visit the fountain again. it's early on in the planning process. a lot of papers have to be stamped yet. >> well the detail in the fountain is spectacular. it's amazing. there has been a big spike in cases of valley fever. the mysterious and potentially fatal infection has no cure and ben tracy tells us a lot of californian's are getting sick. >> how many hours a day can you work? >> todd is a wine maker. he can not taste his own wine because of the medication he's taking to fight the mysterious fungal infection known as valley fever. >> how bad is this for you physically. >> it will change your life. >> are you constantly in pain. >> yes. sometimes it's excruciating. it's always a dull roar. >> valley fever is caused by
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soil fungus in california's central valley and california. the spores can be inhaled after they're kicked up by win or construction. early symptoms resemble flu. 150,000 people get valley fever each year. 160 die. it's rare compared to other diseases. but valley fever cases have jumped 900 percent from 1998 to 2011. population growth and dryer dustier conditions in the southwest are factors in the rise. valley fever forced california to begin moving 3300 prison inmates out of the san juaquin valley. the disease killed 62 of them. >> i think suddenly people realized that this was an ongoing problem. >> reporter: arizona accounts for 66 percent of valley fever cases. >> a small percentage of people get really serious problems when the fungus either doesn't go away in your lungs or it
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moves through the bloodstream to other parts of your body like the brain or bone or the skin. >> reporter: he's had valley fever for ten years. it spread to his nervous system. >> i know it's compromising my life and will probably end my wife sooner than later. >> his wife tastes wine for him. he will continue making it for as long as he can. ben tracy. cbs news. let's talk about the weather. we have a big change coming. you felt it to day. it got warmer. you'll feet it tomorrow. it's going to get hot. these numbers behind me. livermore, 94. san jose, 92. hayward, 91. i'm showing you this because i think we're going to get hotter than that coming up this weekend. a live look outside. the bay bridge and clear skies behind it. the my crow climate forecast taking you to livermore. one of the hot spots. i think you'll hit 94 on
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saturday. sunshine, 90 degrees. two days in a row. actually three in livermore in the 90s. a big ridge of high pressure building in. an area of high pressure alone is not enough to get us warm. high pressure has to get closer to us. it has to get strong. and it has to get in the perfect spot to give us the offshore wind. it will do that tomorrow. a northeast wind wrapping around the area of high pressure. lots of sunshine. for some of you it will be 10 degrees warmer than it was today. today was 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. next week we'll slide to the south. same ridge, same system. so if you're not a fan of the heat, you'll have cooler weather next week. a summertime pattern with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. three warm days in a row. tomorrow, saturday, and sunday. if you're going to be out and about over the weekend be careful. there will be an elevated fire danger through sunday. and the on shore flow will give us cooler weather but that's
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next week. highs tomorrow, san jose 95, concord, 90. mid to upper 80s for campbell. sunshine for walnut creek, 91 degrees. pleasanton, 91. and 90s for pleasant hill. 87 for petaluma. the peak of the heat will be saturday. still hot but not as hot on sunday and super comfortable next week. highs around 70 near the bay. 10 inland. dry weather for the next seven days. >> looking good. we have a quick update on a story we brought you just a few minutes ago. we just got word the mother of seven who was held in jail on drug smuggling charges in mexico yanira maldonado has just been released after a week behind bars. coming up, the story behind the exercise routine taking the
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or the internet, at least: "i've got my ankle weights place, and my music's ready" cer-cise. 60-year . it's the latest fitness craze sweeping the nation. >> or the internet at least. take a welcome. >> i have my ankle, waste in place and my music ready. let's stop talking and do some walking. >> 60-year-old joanna of florida invented this 25 years ago. it just caught on this week. a lot of people thought it was joke. >> laugh, those are pounds flying away. joanna says she's happy for the publicity. it's got to work. it's got to work. >> work on that bikini body. >> follow that. the warriors lose a key part of their playoff run this year. we'll tell you who. and barry played stopper, or did he? for the giants. the countdown to labor day
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is still on. we'll keep you posted on the status of
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female narrator: through sunday, it's posturepedic through sunday, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars end sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ won 13 straight home games barry zito on the mound, and they . all right. it was the final one today. and i saw the brooms out there. some of the fans got a little excited. >> i'm going to show you the bruins. the giant haves won 13 straight home games with barry on the mound and they needed him today to avoid a sweep to the a's.
2:04 am
there are the brooms. barry gave up six walks. one of them scored on the hit to left. no help from andre on this one. 1-0 a's. pablo sandoval delivers a hit off a.j. griffin. giants take a 2-1 lead. the panda was 2 for 4. the san francisco zoo welcomed a baby giraffe. 6 feet. 130-pounds. the giants have one of those too. brandan belt. aka the baby giraffe. the giants win 5-2 and snap the a's six game winning streak. dive left the owners group by the sacramento kings. i asked what he would do if he tried to steal away assistant coach mike malone. >> i'd kill him.
2:05 am
no i'm kidding. >> mike malone is set to sign a four year deal. the injury to 49ers top receiver michael crabtree, the signing of anquan bolton is looking like a stroke of genius. he's concerned about crabtree who may miss all of next is. >> i know it can be a pretty lonely time. and at times you think people forget about you. a lot of people don't call any more. for me, he's a guy that i definitely want to continue to reach out to. he's definitely going to help us down the road. >> top five, david lee tweeted out a picture of himself after he had surgery today to repair the torn hip flexor in the playoffs. the bird man pushes tyler on the very next play he comes out of nowhere to reject him. the heat beat the pacers. they lead that series 3-2. adrien beltre thinks he has a
2:06 am
hit. a sliding catch. the rangers would win though, 9-5. number two, the padres and the mariners, watch the fan. oh my. how do you think his hand feels tonight? which one is broken. number one, same game, brendan ryan with the full extension over to ,,,,
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